Most of us talk about feeling anxious or stressed these days. So, how do you know if it is time to talk with a professional? Why would you?

How could talking to a therapist help?

While some stress is a normal part of life, overwhelming anxiety is not.

When trying to mangage daily concerns starts to negatively impact basic activities, it may be time to seek support. Difficulties to be aware of can include: significant changes in sleep patterns, changes in appetite, persistent irritability, decreased interest in socializing, lingering sadness, emotional expressions that seem difficult to control (anger, sadness, crying, anxiety, avoidance..) or other noticeable changes in the way you think or feel.

During such times talking with a professional can provide a safe space to express genuine feelings, identify difficult areas, and gain insights into effective ways to deal with difficult times. In our work together we can identify the specific issues which may underlie your anxieties. This allows us to then become aware of the ways you typically handle stress, an understanding which provides a stepping stone that allows us to move toward creating more effective strategies that fit your unique needs.

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