Geriatric Therapy

Geriatric Therapy

Therapy for seniors refers to a specialized form of mental health support that is designed to meet the unique challenges faced by older adults. Therapists who work primarily online, like Carol Robinson, play an integral role in addressing life and interpersonal issues for many people in St. Louis and Missouri as they age.

Ways Therapy for Seniors Can Help

Through various therapeutic techniques, like psychoanalysis, Carol Robinson offers older adults and seniors opportunities and a safe and empathetic space to express concerns, emotions, and other feelings. In addition, therapy for seniors can help aging adults -

  • Maintain an essential sense of independence and life purpose.  
  • Improve communication skills so older adults can express their needs and concerns to family members, caregivers, or healthcare providers in a meaningful way. Therapists can also help with interpersonal challenges that may develop from –
    • Family Conflicts
    • Isolation or loneliness
    • Changes to social circles and connections
  • Who must negotiate complex emotions when facing the loss of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family.
  • Find ways to adjust to the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety when forced to make significant life decisions/transitions, which may include –
    • Retirement
    • Relocation or a change in care/living arrangements
    • Changes to one’s health, and more
  • Create effective coping strategies for those who may be challenged with memory issues or cognitive problems that develop with age and certain neurological conditions.
  • Identify and manage symptoms of anxiety/depression, which becomes common as people age due to various life events like health scares, loss, or isolation.  
  • Create better skills to cope with the emotional and psychological impacts that come with chronic illnesses. This includes customizing a plan of self-care and creating a positive outlook in life.
  • Encourage seniors to maintain social connections and support systems, whether through friendships, family, or community involvement

Contact a Leading Missouri Therapist for Online Senior Therapy and Support

For more information about the therapeutic options for seniors, contact Carol Robinson, who works with clients in the greater St. Louis area, as well as digitally with seniors, individuals and couples across the state of Missouri. Reach out to a staff member at 314-282-5516, by email or online.

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